Instagram Course: Lesson 3 - Campaign Set-up

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In this section, we walk through the steps of creating a Facebook/Instagram Ad campaign. Other topics covered are campaign structure and Ad set parameters. 

Advertising takes a LOT of experimenting. This is especially the case when you don’t have a pre-existing audience to build on. Facebook’s Campaign structure accommodates experimentation. Your advertising is segmented into levels that allow you to track results at every level. You have your Campaigns – the first level, Ad sets – the second level, and Ads – the third level. 

  • Campaign – Your campaign is like your apartment building.
  • Ad sets – Your Ad sets are like the apartments in your building.
  • Ads – Your Ads are like the rooms in each apartment.

Running a campaign where you want to investigate whether fans of different genres would have interest in your music, you’d have to target all those genres. You’d then need a way to separate the ad results of each genre. This would be accomplished by creating multiple Ad sets for each genre. 


  • Ad Set #1: Hip Hop
  • Ad Set #3: R&B

Creative is an advertising term used to represent your ad visuals and/or audio. It’s your video, graphics, ad text, and Call to Action. Your Call to Action is usually a button with text that directs users to take an intended action like “Download” or “Buy now” etc. If you wanted to identify whether users would respond better to “Listen Now” than they would to “Download” or “Buy now”, you’d create different Ads for each Call to Action. 


  • Ad Set #1: Hip Hop
    • Ad#1: Download
    • Ad#2: Buy Now
    • Ad#3: Listen Now  
  • Ad Set #2: R&B
    • Ad#1: Download
    • Ad#2: Buy Now
    • Ad#3: Listen Now  


Ad Set Parameters 

Custom Audiences – Advanced level targeting that allows you to advertise to users that have visited your website, taken certain actions when they visited your website like add a product to their cart, or users that engaged with your Facebook and Instagram posts. 

Location – Which Countries, States, and Cities you want your ad to be shown. 

Age & Gender – The age and gender of the users you’d like to target. 

Detailed Targeting – This allows you to target users based on their interest identified by the pages they Like and content they engage with. 

Connections – With connections you can restrict your ad to showing to users that Like your page or exclude users that Like your page. 

Delivery Optimization – The goal of your advertisement. 

Optimization for Ad Delivery – The objective of your ad dictates your Delivery optimization. If your goal is conversions, you optimize for conversions. If your goal is engagement, you optimize for engagement. 

Bid Strategy – This is set at the Campaign level and allows you to choose how you’d like for your budget to be optimized. 

When you get charged – Facebook ad cost accumulates with the number of times your ad appears. No matter what you choose to be charge for, you’ll still be charged per impression. 

Ad Scheduling – When you’d like for your campaign to start and end.

Budget – Split Budget 


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