Advertising Game Plan

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You have a lot of options when it comes to promoting your music online but not all are cost-effective or effective at all. As an indie artist, odds are, you're probably dealing with a modest budget and the desire is to stretch that budget as far as it can go. A service guaranteeing thousands of views, subscribers, Likes, comments, etc. for 2 figure fees is often too good to be true. But, for the off chance that it might be real and at the price, combined with your budget, you might feel it's worth a shot. What ends up happening is death by a thousand papercuts, where small amounts are spent on ineffective things over and over which together, can amount to thousands of dollars wasted. 

Spotify playlists, Fiverr promotions, Soundcloud Reposts, low budget PR campaigns; you may have done all these things only to learn a lesson. The Soundcloud Repost and Fiverr campaigns got you views/streams but no fans. The Spotify playlist seemingly didn't do anything or, even worse, it generated a bunch of fake streams. The PR company only got you press on blogs they own and only they read. There are so many things you can do that won't work and will just cause you to burn money. 

This guide covers platforms that work. You'll learn about what makes them different and why one may suit you more than another. All the platforms and services talked about have career-altering potential. This list may

grow as I find more platforms and you’ll get an email update when it does.

Note - The impact of any campaign depends on how your music is received. The more people listen, the more people listen. Algorithms and recommendations on streaming platforms and in music stores look at what users stream and buy. It doesn’t matter much if a user follows your page, saves, or follows if they don’t stream. The more individual users stream your music, the more likely they are to be identified as fans and have more of your music served to them through the algorithms and recommendation systems in music stores and platforms. The goal of your campaigns shouldn’t just be to get streams, they should be to find listeners passionate about your music.