Everything You Need To Know About Youtube: Payusnomind Guide - Lesson

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Youtube, ranked by Similarweb as the second most visited website in the WORLD behind Google, is also ranked as the second most used search engine behind - you guessed it - Google! Both are owned by the same parent company - Alphabet. The Youtube app comes pre-installed on thousands of devices running the Android operating system which is also owned by Alphabet and… it’s all FREE.

Right now, I can say “California Love Tupac Youtube” into the remote control for my television and have the video play on my TV. This is without casting from a mobile device or installing the app. It’s now automatically integrated with the cable service where I live. The level of reach provided by Youtube to anyone posting videos to the platform is incomparable.

When it comes to monetization, some Youtube creators report earning $400 per minute from the Super Chat Live stream feature ALONE! The top Gamers on the platform are pulling in $10 Million a year. Why are they making so much money while recording artists complain about receiving percentages of a penny per stream?

The answer is a severe lack of understanding the Youtube platform. Creating this video series, I thought about everything it would be important for recording artists to know about Youtube. 

About The Series

10 Videos | 3 hours and 28 minutes | Viewable on Roku, iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

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All videos are downloadable for offline playback. 


1. Youtube Interface Video Walkthrough 

2. Youtube Channel Walkthrough & Optimization 

3. Youtube Settings Walkthrough 

4. Creating & Switching To A Brand Channel 

5. Youtube Studio Walkthrough 

6. Youtube Upload Walkthrough & Optimization 

7. Getting More Views On Youtube 

8. Understanding Youtube Monetization 

9. Understanding Revenue Generation & Collection 

10. Maximizing Youtube Revenue 


What You Get

Each video is a walkthrough of a particular aspect of the Youtube platform. I explain the interface layout, how content is organically promoted, the usage of tools, the purpose of certain features, and provide insight and advice on how you can get the most out of them.

Live Streams

There will be Live Streams that function as extensions to this video series that will be exclusive to owners. As an owner of the video series, you’ll be able to participate in the Live Streams and get your questions answered in a conversational format. The Live Streams will remain available as pre-recorded videos for viewing after the air date.

Email Tips

You’ll also be added to an exclusive mailing list where I will send out tips on new YouTube features, tools, and tactics.

Free Updates 

If there’s anything you’d like to see added to the series, post in the comments and we can consider making additions. This series is alive and will evolve as your knowledge and education about the platform evolves.