Guide to Advertising on Youtube

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I created this book for people that want to advertise their music on Youtube but don't know how and/or can't afford to hire someone else to run a campaign for them. You'll find everything you need to know about running a Youtube ad in this book. It's not just about getting views, you don't need to learn much to get that. My goal is to teach you how to run a campaign that will enable you to build something real, help you get fans, and be able to convert those fans into paying customers.

This book comes with video walkthroughs that will take you step by step through the process of doing everything you need to set up an ad. You will also get the option of booking a consultation for added guidance.

For insight into my experience running and managing Youtube Ad campaigns, view the PUNM Youtube Advertising services page

What You'll Learn:

  • Video Optimization
  • Linking Your Accounts
  • Building Remarketing Lists
  • Setting up a Youtube Ad
  • Ad Types
  • And much more...