Guide To Youtube Monetization for Artists That Don't Want To Be "Youtubers"

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By treating Youtube like Spotify, you can monetize your music immediately and earn more revenue from views than you would from having your own channel. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about monetizing on Youtube without being a Youtuber. This means, you won't need a Youtube channel you'll have to spend time cultivating, creating content for, and uploading videos to, all you'll need is your MUSIC! 


Some of what you'll find inside 


  • The different types of Youtube Channels 
  • Your options for Monetization 
  • Why not being a Youtuber makes sense 
  • Youtube Music's Role 
  • How you make more money from views without a channel 

Included files:

  • Mobi - for Kindle Readers 
  • Epub - for iBook and E-Readers 
  • PDF