Instagram Advertising Campaign

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Your goal as a career minded artist should be exposing your music to new listeners, converting those listeners to fans, and converting your fans to customers.  

According to a study conducted by Nielson, Instagram users are more likely to stream music online compared to the general population and the users of any other platform. They're also TWICE as likely to pay for music streaming and spend 30% more time listening to music on a weekly basis. In addition to that, they're also more likely to attend live events. 

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the best places for you to reach potential fans. Extracting value out of the platform takes more than just posts with a thousand Hashtags and basic ad promotions. It takes a system. Everything from the content to you advertise to your links, and webpage should all be optimized elements of a system. We take care of everything you'll need to build and run a system. 


Promo Videos

We provide custom promo videos for your campaign that effectively drive traffic to music stores and streaming platforms. With you being charged per time your ad appears on Instagram, it's critical that your promo inspires users to take action rather than scroll past. Our custom video promos ensure your budget isn't wasted. No matter if you have an actual music video or just audio and cover art we have you covered. 

Remarketing List Creation

Customized lists that allow you to follow up with fans earned by your campaign, improve performance, and optimize future campaigns. These lists will help you with Pre-saves, Pre-orders, and the sale of merchandise and concert tickets. 


    • Analyzation - assessing campaign performance through engagement, click-through, and conversion rates 
    • Optimization 
      • Budget - Assessing and Ensuring ads are cost effective 
      • Elimination - eliminating underperforming campaigns, ad sets, and ads 
      • Integration - integrating Remarketing lists to reduce cost and improve performance 
    • Consultation

    Optimized Smart Page


    Smart pages provide a central space that links users to multiple platforms. The pages we provide come equip with Analytics and Remarketing pixels to track performance and re-engage pre-existing fans. They’re also an essential tool for Advertising by allowing conversion tracking to measure return on ad-spend.