Instagram Advertising Course

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Welcome to the first installment! 

Learn Everything you'll need to know to effectively run your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. This course focuses on the important aspects of creating a campaign so you don't waste time on elements that aren't relevant to achieving your goals. We'll cover what matters for MUSIC MARKETING!  

Save money by targeting better, find fans, and get on the path to building a prosperous and sustainable music career.  

This course comes with continuous email updates informing you of changes on Facebook and Instagram that will impact your campaigns, new optimization techniques, tips, and opportunities. 

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What's in the Course: 

Facebook Tracking Pixel

In this section we’ll go over what the Facebook tracking pixel is, it’s importance, and how to install it.

Campaign Set up

In this section, we walk through the steps of creating a Facebook/Instagram Ad campaign. Other topics covered are campaign structure and Ad set parameters.

Ad Set – Traffic Objective

In this section, you’ll learn about the Facebook “Traffic” Objective. We’ll go over how to optimize your campaign to get more hits to your website.

Smart URL & Split Testing

In this section, we’ll go over Smart URL optimization and introduce Split testing.

Split Testing

In this section, we dig deeper into split testing. We’ll walk through the process of setting up a campaign with Split testing.