PUNM Visual Audio Players

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Peace, what's happening good people, this Gif here for Payusnomind. Let's talk about Visual audio. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have one major thing in common, none of the them allow you to upload audio files. The only way to get audio on any of these platforms is through video.

When you look on Facebook and Instagram you see artists finding different ways to create visual audio. They screenshot the Spotify page of their song or use their album cover photo and add audio to it. The problem with that is, videos auto-play on mute, so users don't know there's audio. The result is that they just scroll past it. As far as they know, it's a photo. You're being seen, but you're not being heard, which doesn't workout well if you're a recording artist.

Creating actual music videos for promotional purposes can be expensive, resource demanding, and time consuming. Your video, as product, is a loss leader. Video isn't an option on most streaming platforms and an afterthought on the ones where it is. Even Youtube Music focuses on audio over video. Artists don't need a video to do digital distribution and release a record so most don't have one. At the same time, video is REQUIRED for promotion on social media and the current workarounds are ineffective. This was the motivation for the creation of PUNM Visual Audio Players.

Why they work

PUNM audio players mimic the functioning of an audio widget with an activated play button - indicating audio is streaming, a track pad, and a timer that counts down as the audio plays. They've proven to be equally effective as a music video when it comes to click-through rates on links.


  • All that's needed is an audio file and a compelling image. I'll work with you to identify the right image which could be your cover art or simply a photo of you.
  • Turn around time is 2 days.
  • You'll receive a download of your video in mp4.