Youtube Advertising Campaigns

Youtube Advertising Campaigns

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Advertising on Youtube is a very effective way to expose your music to the masses. The Pay Per Click model used by Youtube allows you to pay-as-you-go with no need for making a major investment up front. You're free to spend as little or as much as you choose. You also only pay for views so, at the very least, you know you were seen and heard. The challenge with Youtube is understanding the functionality of the platform to the extent that you can effectively optimize your campaign for your desired results. 

Payusnomind's Youtube strategies help get your video the most views at the lowest cost while increasing your engagement and overall impact on the platform. You have the option of having us set up and optimize your ads, for independent management, or you can add our additional services. Our additional services are all about extracting greater value. We focus on understanding campaign performance at a high level through the use of data-sheets, driving traffic offsite to multiple platforms through Smart pages, follow-up through Remarketing lists, and overall channel growth through video optimization. 

Learn more about our services below. You'll be able to choose additional services at checkout. 

Campaign Creation & Optimization: $150

  • Campaign creation - The correct campaign objective will be selected that will allow you to achieve your desired outcome. 
  • Optimization - Your ad settings will be configured to drive engagement (Likes, Playlists, Subscribers). This will help you to increase your number of subscribers and residual streams. 
  • Ad segmentation - Separate target groups will be created for the purpose of identifying your core audience. 

Note - I will not be responsible for monitoring your campaign with this option. You will be responsible for identifying your top performing target groups, adding new target segments, optimization, and everything required to get the most out of your campaign. If you would like further assistance, view the options below.


 Video optimization: $50

Utilizing Youtube tools to increase video views across your entire channel, up-sell viewers to higher priced items like merchandise, drive users to other platforms like Bandcamp or Spotify, etc. This feature will lead your viewers to more of your videos and help to drive traffic to stores and platforms outside of Youtube. 


Remarketing: $100

Build a contact list of everyone that watches the videos and engages (Likes, Playlists, Subscribes). Allows you to follow up and promote new material to pre-existing fans. It also works to up-sell as well because the people most likely to buy are the people that have taken key actions that would have them placed into your remarking lists.


Smart Page: $150 - Initial cost then $50/month for unlimited links

Smart pages provide a central space that links users to multiple platforms. The pages I provide come equip with Analytics and Remarketing pixels to track performance and re-engage pre-existing fans.


Data-sheets: $50

You’ll be linked to a page configured to show a breakdown of campaign results utilizing my proprietary formulas. See Engagement rate, Subscriber rate, Playlist rate, etc. broken down by campaigns and ad groups. You will also be able to view the top performing cities for your campaigns.


Maintenance: $100/Month

Continuous campaign analysis and optimization. Adaptation to platform changes. Implementation of new techniques and tools. Follow up campaigns like Display advertising to promote releases on other platforms like Spotify, sell concert tickets, etc.

Optimization - Continuously making adjustments based on campaign performance to drive improved results.

Segmentation - Testing multiple target groups to identify core audience

Strategizing - Applying additional strategies to extract greater video from your Youtube advertising. 

The maintenance fee grants you continued access to your data sheets. Non-payment of the monthly fee will be considered cancelation, resulting in the loss of access to data-sheets and discontinuation of campaign monitoring.